АКПП Коды неисправности OBD-II Коды неиcправности VAG

CODE DEFINITIONS, Описание неисправности
P0120 529 Engine RPM Signal Too High
P0700 65535 Transmission Control System Malfunction (MIL Request)
P0705 293 Multi-Function Switch Signal Implausible (Transmission Range Switch)
P0715 297 Transmission Vehicle Speed Sensor Signal Interrupted (SunGear Shell Sensor)
P0722 281 Vehicle Speed Sensor Signal Interrupted (Output Shaft Speed Sensor)
P0725 518 Throttle Position Sensor Signal Out Of Range
P0730 652 Final Drive Ratio Signal Incorrect/Implausible (Gear Ratio Error)
P0740 1192 Torque Converter Clutch Malfunction (TCC Slip Excessive)
P0753 258 Solenoid Valve EV1 (A) - N88 Electrical Fault
P0758 260 Solenoid Valve EV2 (B) - N89 Electrical Fault
P0763 262 Solenoid Valve EV3 (C) - N90 Electrical Fault
P0768 264 Solenoid Valve EM4 (D) - N91 Electrical Fault
P0773 266 Solenoid Valve EV5 (E) - N92 Electrical Fault
P0748 268 Pressure Control Solenoid EM6 - N93 Electrical Fault
P0785 270 Solenoid Valve EV7 (7) - N94 Electrical Fault
NA 296 Kickdown Switch Electrical Fault
NA 300 Transaxle Fluid Temperature Sensor Unidentified Malfunction (Circuit Fault)
NA 526 Brake Lamp Switch Circuit Fault
NA 532 B+ Supply Voltage Insufficient
NA 543 Maximum Engine Speed Exceeded (Neutral Condition)
P1780 545 Interruption Of Ignition Timing Signal Between ECM And TCM
NA 549 Fuel Consumption Signal Implausible
NA 596 Short Circuit Between Injector Wires
NA 638 Interruption Of Throttle Position Sensor Signal Between ECM And TCM
NA 641 ATF Temperature Signa lToo High (Transmission Overhea tProtection Program)
NA 652 Transaxle Range Controller Signal Improper (Mechanical Gear Ratio Error)
NA 660 Kickdown Switch/Throttle Position Sensor Signal Improper  
NA 668 B+ Supply Terminal 30 Open Or Short To Ground  
NA 1044 Control Module Improperly Coded  
NA 1192 Torque Converter Clutch Fault (TCC Slipping)  
NA 1196 Engine/Transaxle Data Bus Signal Implausible  
NA 1236 Shift Lock Solenoid Open Or Short To Ground  
P1854/P1866 1312 CAN-Bus Drive Faulty No Communication (Hardware Defective Or Messages Missing)  
P1850/P1855 1314 No Communication From ECM  
NA 1316 No Communication From ABS Module  
NA 65535 Transmission Control Module Faulty